Why the name?

“Handmaidenslamp”…why was this chosen and what does it mean? Hello and thank you for reading my blog. My intention is that you will be blessed and encouraged to deepen your relationship with God as our Lord, Jesus as our Saviour and be filled with our Comforter the Holy Spirit.

When we were born our Parents gave us a name to identify us from other siblings and children on the block. Right? When we come to accept and acknowledge what Jesus actions on that cross did for us personally, we receive the Holy Spirit and become a member of the famously family of Christians. As a Woman, we are Gods Handmaidens. He is our King and we serve Him. To me this title is one of gentleness, preciousness, graciousness and loveliness. God pours His love on us and we in turn exude that love as we walk. A beautifully scented parfume drawing others to us! Is that just awesome?

The ‘lamp’ portion comes from the scriptures. In the KJV Psalms 119:105 it states “THY WORD IS A LAMP UNTO MY FEET, AND A LIGHT UNTO MY PATH.” In Proverbs 31:18 NIV is quoted “SHE SEES THAT HER TRADING IS PROFITABLE, AND HER LAMP DOES NOT GO OUT AT NIGHT.” So we see from Gods word that His word (statutes) are a light to guide us and does not go out, even at night. I didn’t say it, God did!

Thus, the name “Handmaidenslamp”. I pray that you will join me on this journey that God had for us as His brides! With all that I am, I welcome you.                          -Peace & Much 4U.                                              A.G. Gilliam






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