“As evening draws…”

After an accident in 2009 that left me receiving 2 neck fusions since, it became so apparent to me that life can change in a blink of our lids. We have heard this said over in many ways. However said, it’s truth remains.

It used to be that our Elders were the only ones stating, “Everyone I know are either dead or sick.” Now, it is our youth that make a similar remark. It is,”Everyone I hung out with are either dead or in jail.” #Truth.

On Sunday we listen to these words coming from the Pulpit, “Somebody didn’t wake up this morning.” Again, all truth. Why is it that we tend to brush these sentiments off as if we are invincible? WE ARE NOT.

We are living in a world full of fear. If we are not careful, we will all end up like the television character ‘Monk’. Or have such anxiety that we won’t leave the security of our homes. Where do we find the courage, peace and security to live a full life? The answer is to have a personal relationship with God thru Jesus Christ.

It is God, as the leader of our lives that quenches all fear. Provides all of our needs. Fights our battles. Our Mighty Creator. You don’t get it do you? Let me break this down. You have shoes, dresses and handbags for every occasion, right? God Himself, has many names of power that we pray.





Esh Oklah/El Kanna-CONSUMING.             FIRE/JEALOUS GOD.




These are just a few of our Gods names for our lives. When we pray these names we are by the power of the Holy Spirit asking the God over our situation to show up and please help us! His power is limitless. We limit Him in our lives. But if you didn’t know, how could you pray? Searching for wisdom in the scriptures needs to be our daily routine. Read, then read those little bitty words off to the side…they are called reference scriptures. They take you to another place in the Bible that explains the same verse, at times in a way that you will understand it better.

So, as evening draws to a close spend time with God. Strengthen your relationship with Him. Remember, somebody didn’t get this chance to read this post. But, you did.

Peace & Much 💖4U.                                       Alicia G. Gilliam


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