“Consistency Is Key”

“Motivational Whisperings for a Woman’s Heart”: I have been praying for “Consistency” in my walk. For how can I be taken seriously as a Christian & Christian Author if I don’t have this. It needs 2b. When I find myself talking about the unholy things, my reply needs 2b “NO REPLY”. Gods word states say “Yea and Nay”. For me…until I am strong enough to say “Yea & Nay”-I’ll say nuthin’. What is so hard about “Holding my tongue?” My ground is not as solid as I presumed. The tongue. The foundation. The straddling. Do you have any idea how exhausting this is? Aunt Judy’s Great Granddaughter said it very plain-“It is easier to do what is right than it is to do what is wrong.”
I write about what I know. I know me and what I seek is becoming a hunger. I seek not to die. I seek not to be cast away from God’s presence. I seek a more convicted relationship with God. I asked and I received. I have no one to point at. My walk is mine. They get pretty hot at times! That’s the Holy Spirit of conviction. It comes in many forms. When He cannot touch my spirit. He will send another to redirect me with Gentleness and Love. I then don’t turn a blind ear for I know who sent them. I receive it and do my very best to apply it. You know in the Old Testament, the villages hated to see a Prophet coming! Why? They KNEW he was THEIR by GOD’S AUTHORITY and they feared what God had to say. Look, I am under construction. But that is really no banner to wave as an excuse! Just do it and quiet my mouth. I wonder if this is why many a Seasoned Church Mother would close her eyes, rock back and forth and hum a hymn….

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