“A Handmaidenslamp Privy”

“Motivational Whisperings for a Woman’s Heart”: As a Mother-Handmaiden of the Most High God…are you aware of the #Power you have thru the Holy Spirit? I’m using mine. Let me share…last month we received the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for Ari. Then, the Child Psychiatrist-ranked as one of the best in this city-told me “There are no therapists in the city, if you can find one that will be able to help you. So, your best help is going to come from AutismSpeaks.org” Wait for it…OK, YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN ME A DIAGNOSIS THAT HAS NO RESOURCES IN THIS CITY AND YOU ARE TELLING ME TO GO TO AN INTERNET WEBSITE FOR ASSISTANCE…THEN ON YOUR WAY OUT OF THE ROOM…YOU SAID, SHE DOESN’T NEED TO BE SEEN BY YOUR OFFICE FOR FOLLOW UP. Right then and there, the GOD in me raised to the top like foam on a root beer soda! I began to pray over her and this situation. “I STAND HERE IN THE AUTHORITY OF THE GOD WHO SITS BETWEEN THE CHERUBIMS AND REBUKE THE DEVIL FROM THE PIT WHICH HE “CRAWLITH” FROM! MY CHILD WILL NOT BE A STATISTIC. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST HER WILL PROSPER. SATAN, YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY OVER HER, IN HER LIFE AND IN OUR HOME. IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH-LET GO AND GET OUT OF MY HOME!” Wipe my hand, shake the dust off and its #Done!
As Gods Handmaiden, we are fighting for our family, friends, people we don’t know daily. We have a powerful position sitting around Gods Throne, privy to what His Majesty has done for our Christian family thousands of years ago up to this very second! Are you taking your job seriously? If not, I guarantee you…at some point, something will drop in your lap that will drive you to your knees and you will cry out to God for His touch over it.
This is what we do. We prayerfully put out the fires that our households go through. What our loved ones are facing and what that nameless person in the news has been faced with.
With our access of sitting at Gods Throne we are privy to many things. We take a bowl of prayers from those in need and enter our secret place. We then take out our healing balm given to us by the God of gods and we anoint each supplication with His Mercy and tearfully encourage each one that it is done! Our job is never ending. Anoint yourselves with the same beautiful balm and pray over yourself. Our secret place is ours and Gods. It us uncluttered and lovely. A place for our communion with God. It is our Holy of Holies. It is draped with purple and strewn with the golden holy utensils 2b used only when we enter. Isn’t that beautiful? Be #Strong my Sister Handmaidens. For you come in the Authority of the God who sits between the Cherubims.

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