“For the Lord is on our side”

My home town of Cedar Rapids, Ia. is flooding-again. It’s flooding in 2008 caused massive damage to the central area of the city. The Iowa River runs straight down its middle. Upon contacting family friends they only confirmed what I thought to be true.

By 1983 my entire family had all relocated to different parts of the world and continental States. We were never in a treacherous tornado. Never had flooding while growing up there. No weather issues to broadcast over the airways. But when we left! Now we are told of Police assassinations, murders by the dozens, childhood associates being released from 10+ years in the Penitentiary. Just shake my head and throw both my hands up.

God was strategically placing myself and my family elsewhere in His timing-and evidently it was for our good! If we search back over the months and years, we can pinpoint God directing our lives out of harms way. This does not mean we DIDN’T experience a season of trying times. We all had them personally and collectively as a family. It is our response that was key. We grew up watching our Single Mother walk the floor saying out loud “LORD LIFT ME UP, HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND.” I’d be sitting on the floor playing with my paperdolls and repeat that line into my playtime story I had going on!

At this point in my life, I seek God so sincerely. ‘I’ve been through’, as the Seasoned Folk would say. So, I know that God’s word is true and final. It is safer FOR ME to rest under the shadow of Gods throne. It is safer for me to teach my child what God desires of her. It is safer for me to ‘Honor my Mother’ at age 93. God offers safety before the storm and in it’s midst.

He promises a way of escape when tempted. He was on Rahabs side before the fall of Jericho! Yes, and she ended being in the family lineage of our Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Excited much yet about allowing God to be on your side?

He will redirect the storm headed our way that could cause us mighty harm. That one wasn’t for us. The storms we do enter…He is with us, we need to acknowledge His presence, even when we don’t feel Him and begin to speak His protection, provision and escape from it. He will get the victory and we live another day for Him to fight for us. Our faith in God raises us to a higher level and our relationship with Him is much closer.



Published by Handmaidenslamp

Christian Fiction Author, Writer, Women's Inspirational Whisperer, Artist, Mother to a Beautiful Young Lady & Was My Mothers Keeper-All by Gods Grace.

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