“Our roles change, but not His love”

Strange. I posted some older photos as a personal pictorial journey. After I had finished, my last comnent was similar to:

“Our roles have changed, but not our love.”

Looking over those photos, my Father has passed. My Sister that was at my Daughters birth and Dedication to God are disconnected. My Mother who was so vibrant and quite active in my Daughters raising is now 93. I’ve changed from a photo dated October 1993. My Daughter’s God Mother has passed. I slowly close my eyes and tears burn through my eyelids. We still love. But so many changes  have occurred.

We all have changes in our lives. The ONLY thing that is stable. That is sure. That is unchanging. That is a foundation to be built upon. That is the Love of God. The precepts of God. His power in our lives. His promises for us. I know, it seems unstable to trust, love and have faith in someone we cannot see that is stable. Hold on as your faith increases that unstable feeling evaporates into stability you can count on and will return to in times of weakness. Just only reach out for it. Grab onto it and hold on for dear life! That is exactly what you are doing…holding on because your dear life does depends on it, hunny!

With every inhalation of air we take our lives are dwendling. Our foundation. What we want our lives to stand for deems a purpose. Things change too much to play a guessing game. It’s not in a purse who’s equelivent is a house mortgage. It’s not in betting on a race horse. It’s not in a midnight flight to Europe just because you can. It’s in a close relationship with God and believing His truths and promises. These have not changed. We have the inheritence of Abraham. Faith in a promise.

Let this faith in Gods promise to us not change. Abraham, Job and Queen Esther had faith that stood. Personally, I want some of what these seasoned ones had. In my minds eye, I envision God on the Holy Throne. Around Him are all believers praising Him. Standing, sitting and laying down. The room is so full of us that we overflow on onto the steps that lead into His presence. I ask Him, “Father, if I just had a little space on the steps leading into your presence I will be happy and shall praise you the highest.”

I smile at that now. But my love has not changed for God. Nor has my minds eye desire.


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