“Hear From Heaven”

“With your mouth you have promised and with your hand you have fulfilled it.”

These are a few of the words King Solomon prayed to God on the bronze platform. These are so personal for the King and a very powerful demonstration of Gods ability. All God has to do is “HEAR FROM HEAVEN” to act on our behalf. He doesn’t need to get up from His throne and move to the other side of His dwelling place to perform anything. Our God only needs to “HEAR”.

What do we have to do? Ask and believe it is so. King Solomon went on to say “May your ears be attentive…” He always hears the suplications of the righteous. Just as every tear we cry are counted and placed in a bottle by His angels. Who would not want to seek the face of this Awesome God?

Genesis said that the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. God #Said “LET THERE BE LIGHT”…all God had to do was SPEAK and it was CREATED! Is it not hard for Him to HEAR from heaven and it be DONE for us? Ha! Our God is so MAJESTIC and POWERFULLY WONDERFUL that our minds cannot begin to put two and two together and come up with “How did God do that?” Just know what King Solomon knew. All God has to do is ‘HEAR FROM HEAVEN’ and it is so!

You see, we want everything explained to us. Proven to us by some extensive mathematical formula. Described to us visually by a scientific model. Lectured on over and over by a Nobel Peace Prize award winning foreign scholar. Written on by a globally renowned magazine that it is so. All before we ‘entertain’ the possibility that “Hmmmm, this just COULD be possible.”

When all a king did was say “Lord, hear from heaven” and we believe by faith that it is already done. Where is our faith? That blind faith of knowing what God did for us as the Children of Abraham He is still capable to do for us today? That issue God took care of one year ago while you were sleeping. The sickness God healed for your loved one that still has the Doctors baffled. I am honored to serve the only God that can ‘Hear from Heaven’ and it is so. Be at peace. Rest in His love. Bask in His provision of salvation tbrough His Son Jesus. He has ‘Heard from Heaven’ and it is so.


-Alicia G Gilliam

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