“Sad to think, but true.”

Blessings. Blessings come from heaven, did you know! Everything that God has been, is and remains to be is #Awesome, #Faithful, #Omnipotent, #Dependable, #Patient and #Loving. Personally, I am greatful for him being #Patient with me. Think about what you are greatful for His being to you and your current situation.

We pray to God. Praise God. We don’t want to become complacent with our prayers or our idea of who God is and His ability in our lives. We tell our family, friends or coworkers all that God has blessed us with. Our hopes, dreams and desires have been signed, sealed and delivered by Jehovah. TROUBLES. But not until after we share our blessings with who we thought were on our side.

I recently wrote an “In my own words…” that says: “DON’T EXPOSE ALL OF YOUR BLESSINGS. NOT EVERYONE IS HERE TO WISH YOU WELL. THEY ARE HERE TO SEE YOU FAIL.” Hear me well. I write to you what I have experienced. Being online and having a natural excitement of things, we share. Then we share more. Then we share #TooMuch. Some of your followers stop posting anything at all. They just hit the like button on a few things here and there. Then keep it moving. #BAM! The Holy Spirit tugs at you. He tells us, “Too much information for this crowd. What I have done for you at this time is for your growth to trust me. To know that I have heard you as you honor your path that I have ordained before you were born. I know you’re excited, my child. But, you must hush and be still. Just give praise and be still. I have only begun to bless you. Be at peace and be still, my child.”

The Holy Spirit is not through speaking to us. He gives us by His divine nature and love that it is ‘that one’ that is envious of your news and intends to harm you the best way they can. That is Satan doing what ‘it’ can do. Distract, kill, steal and destroy the gift within us. ‘It’ does ‘its’ job if we do not heed that tug sent from heaven. The feeling I got was one of filth. One of a person lurking about here and there. Granny would call it a ‘low down dirty snake.’ But peace be still spoke and I heeded my Father’s nudge.

This is a sad truth about what Spiritual Warfare entails. When we do our best to represent in this sinful world is light to others. With a quickness it can be snuffed out by our human reaction to an insult or intrusion. I invision the Holy Spirit being our lighthouse. Constantly revolving a blinking light to direct us in the safe path to row. Be careful there to the right is a sandbar, my child. Hold it, my son. Beware, my daughter.

Mary, the mother of Jesus heard things and she held them in her heart. She knew things. She saw things. She felt things. Knowing what she did, I wonder if she had complete peace. But this I do know. She had faith and she was still. We will miss the total mark. That’s when the Spirit within us leads us to that mark.

It is sad to think that others have it in them to be so viscious. But, yes it is true. We are the Lords property. They are ‘its’ property. I and you. We must begin to hold things in our heart and allow the Holy Spirit speak to us when to share and what to share. I can’t. You can’t. We can’t continue to cast our pearls before the swine. We must be at peace and be still. The knowledge of our blessings are not for everyone. They are for our growth in faith towards our Holy God. I say this in love from my experience.



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