“From Pinnochio to Gods Promise”

Do you remember the puppet Pinnochio created by Walt Disney? The song he sang was so catchy! I could only recall the first part of it:

“I’ve got no strings to hold me down. To make me fret or make me frown. I had strings, but now I’m free. There are no strings on me!”

He was a wooden puppet who wished to be a human boy. He got his wish.

When I consider how I brought in 2016, I began to study Gods word. In the Old Testament, 1 & 2 Chronicles delves into the Kings of Judah and Isreal. There were good and bad Kings. They desired and chose to worship God or the Baals. They chose and had the fruits of their labors delivered to them. The people followed and suffered or were blessed according to the Kings choices.

We have a choice. To be free in Gods Promises or tied down by the weight of our sinful actions. Going into 2016 I made a very blantant decision and paid for it.

Throughout the year, I and my family have been abundantly blessed. Then…here came along the same old thing. Lurking, testing me, luring me into the same situation to CHOOSE. I chose to be free from it. Through prayer and speaking that ‘God gives me a way of escape’ from sin and temptation-I was able to make not only the right but the Righteous decision. I have no strings on me!

Living in sin, is literally living for satan. You are his puppet. Following his way down the path of destruction as the evil Kings did in the Chronicles. Which is exactly how they ended up-destroyed! Satan has you on his strings. Making you dance to his tune and his time.

Living in the walkway of Gods righteousness promises a way of escape from temptation. Seeking Gods face and His presence within our lives, our everything promises resolution to conflict and issues. He did not say we wouldn’t face them or go through them. He said if we have faith in Him-we will have victory, and we give God the glory.

So, from puppet to victory in God’s promises? Make a choice. But, remember the Kings in 1 & 2 Chronicles and the choices they made.

To God be all the glory and unto us He gives victory over temptation. Without strings. Without wishes. Only faith in an Almighty God whose Majesty we bow down before!


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