Knowing Acceptance

For many years I felt that I had to explain myself to others. For what? Their ACCEPTANCE. I finally I stopped. Why? My explanation was never good enough. The plain truth is that they were NEVER going to accept me for who I was. It didn’t matter if I attempted to fit their mold of what they thought would be good enough. What is wrong with that picture? There are too many “‘I’s”…”Me’s”…& “theirs”. Too many ideas in a collective weakens the product.

Seeking acceptance from others on what they think is ‘good enough’ is so fragile. It is as stable as the wind that blows here one second and there the next. You can imagine how that can cause depression and a host of other self esteem issues. 

As women of God we need not seek others seal of approval. Gods seal is all that we require. We serve a God that is all knowing. In the book of Psalms 139:1-4 states this: “O LORD, YOU HAVE SEARCHED ME AND YOU KNOW ME. YOU KNOW WHEN I SIT AND WHEN I RISE, YOU PERCEIVE MY THOUGHTS FROM AFAR. YOU DISCERN MY GOING OUT AND MY LYING DOWN; YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH ALL MY WAYS. BEFORE A WORD IS ON MY TONGUE YOU KNOW IT COMPLETELY, O LORD.”

The Lord sees us when we are searching for others acceptance and He knows the outcome. We will be hurt. Rejected. Ostracized. Humiliated. Can you imagine our Heavenly Father?Our God? Our Lord of Lords, watching us repeatedly turning to others and getting hurt? The deep empathy He has for us in our ignorance and even our stubbornness. While we reject Him and desire the acceptance of others, His arms are awaiting us. Psalms 139 says it ALL! We no longer have to ‘feel we have to explain ourselves to others’. God ALREADY knows EVERYTHING ABOUT US. We are fully and totally ACCEPTED by Him who matters. He who calms all storms. He who created our heartbeat. He who created those who rejected us. That is He who has a heart for us, if we would have a heart for Him.

The more I write about God, the more in love I fall with Him. His love for me, and you is steadfast. Let’s go back to Psalms 139:6, “SUCH KNOWLEDGE IS TOO WONDERFUL FOR ME, TOO LOFTY FOR ME TO ATTAIN.” God’s love for us is so deep that we cannot comprehend. 139:7, “WHERE CAN I GO FROM YOUR SPIRIT? WHERE CAN I FLEE FROM YOUR PRESENCE?” God’s love and acceptance is searching for us. Always there. We can go nowhere that God’s love is not present. Now, that is ACCEPTANCE! No more wishy washy mamby pamby maybe, if you could from man. But, yet so many of us still search for mans approval.

Who can save us from ourselves and our sins? Is it man and his rules of engagement on so many levels that matter not? Or, is it God Almighty thru the confession of faith in His son Jesus Christ shedding of blood on the cross, death burial and resurrection for our sins, that we should seek? As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

I no longer feel the pressure of seeking others approval. Why, you ask? Because, I have a personal relationship with a living loving God who knows and sees all. When I feel left out, He is there to listen to my frustration. I read His love letters to me (the Bible) and am soothed. I am encouraged. I am reminded that I am not the only one who was been rejected by others. Returning to Psalms 139:16, “…ALL THE DAYS ORDAINED FOR ME WERE WIRTTEN IN YOUR BOOK BEFORE ONE OF THEM CAME TO BE.”

Women of God, we need the stability of God in our entire lives. That can only be obtained through relationship with Him. Each tomorrow we are blessed with is another day for God to show us His undying love. As well as, our love to Him. Man will hurt. God will heal.

Your search for acceptance is over. God has it. He always had it. He awaits to give it to us through our growing relationship with Him. Stay in love.


Alicia G. Gilliam

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