The Majesty of Hawks and Moon

I brought my distress to the Waters of Women.

There I threw myself down

amongst the flowers and sweet grasses.

It was there I poured out my agony

to God.

My tears soaked my thick hair

with the salt of them. I cried.

I moaned.

When, Lord God?

Will this burdened load push

me down

below the earth? Never to see the


I rolled from side to side. Searching

for relief and answers

to this turmoil. I dare not

pull up your beauty

on whence I lay. For I

feared your wrath.

There was a time I

could smell the fragrance

that surrounded me. Not now,

says my heart. Not now.

I looked up above me.

Your sky is blue as the

ocean of the Great Sea.

Clouds were not in position

on this, my day.

Only two hawks.

Soaring effortlessly around and

around. Above me they loved my


They soothed my wayward

soul into peace.

Such a peace did they

lead me to.

I followed their

preciousness. For they

were gentle with me.

They understood me.

They prayed for me.

 To your throne, did

they leave my


One soared to the east.

To the west did the other


My thirst was quenched.

This tormented soul,

it was relieved.

I looked as your

hawks circled

against and apart

each other.


On your currents

did they go.

They took me with

them. Away from

all atrocities.

 I looked as they flew

farther and farther.

Against the daylight

moon did they dance.

For me to see your

majesty. This, that I

saw was too

magnificent for me.

Too magnificent for me.

My face did I

turn toward your sun.

This sun. This sun that

lit my dark skin.

This sun.

It is your sun. It loves

me. It refreshes me.

Where your beauty rest

is my home. My longing.

A dwelling place for me.

Refuge have you given me


No. My souls does

not anguish longer.

I am beautiful. You have

poured your grace

and mercy

upon me.

I love you.

My breath cannot inhale

without your

presence, Lord.

I love you.

Father, I love you.


Alicia G. Gilliam





Published by Handmaidenslamp

Christian Fiction Author, Writer, Women's Inspirational Whisperer, Artist, Mother to a Beautiful Young Lady & Was My Mothers Keeper-All by Gods Grace.

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