That Me Time

It’s the time that we have just for ourselves. The moments we squeeze into our daily routine to rejuvenate ourselves. But, how often do we do it?

Studies have shown that without the time carved out for ourselves is detrimental to our health. As we care for everyone else, we ignore ourselves. We pass up going to our regular Mammograms, Pap’s and Colonoscopies. Remember ladies, without us there is no them!

I have read articles that say ‘only ten minutes’ will rejuvenate us. Ummm…that could possibly be true for some of us. I can see where ten minutes could work. For me…I need at least 30 minutes! 

Now, I enjoy getting ready for bed. That’s where I take that time for myself. I will begin with my face. Doing a exfoliation three times a week. Applying a facial oil and allowing it to sink into my skin. Inhaling the aroma of the oil is relaxing as well. Bath time is special for me. I literally added a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign for the bathroom door! I love bubbles. That may come from my humble beginnings. My Parents didn’t consider Mr. Bubbles as a necessary item! Now that I’m in charge…I demand bubbles and scents that deliver!

My Mother sold Avon when I was a child. So, I grew up with Avon. I use Avon and their Bubble Bath gives me what I demand. I have even noticed that it doesn’t leave a ring in the bathtub. Go figure! I’m happy!

The entire point is, ladies. Do what you can do, when you can do it, at the price point you can…to make feel yourself happy, elated, back to normal, sexy…whatever label you choose. We need that time to ourselves to tackle everything we take on during the course of the day!

So, my beauties from our Queens Castle…indulge in ‘Me Time’…you are so commanded!

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