pexels-photo-417045.jpegToday was so much more than the secular image of Bunnies laying spectacularly decorated chicken eggs. Or, what about the commercial for chocolate bunnies? The one with the lion wearing rabbit ears roaring during his audition for that special bunny! As children…it was, hmmm…ok. We knew better. Our Mother taught us the Bible. We knew just what ‘Easter’ meant to Christians. 

What does it really mean today? I question this as my daughter and I ventured into our local Target. It was more congested with Mother’s and their children than around Christmas time. The fuss and fight over that perfect dress or suit for them. Yes, I was guilty. I still questioned motives as I passed their carts full of the frills for a eagerly awaited sugar ingested stomach ache. I sighed. Lord where are you? My soul asked. Awaiting our cab, my daughter commented on what we had fought so hard to escape. Yes, was my answer to her question, “Momma, was I a dressed up baby?” Not only because it was a holiday. Because, we were going to Church to worship God. We put on what our Elders called our ‘Sunday Best.’

So, with that in mind, we had no urgent need of new clothes for Easter. We already have them! Because we frequent Church to honor God. Not to say that Resurrection Sunday is the same. It’s not. We honor God for fulfilling his promise of salvation by Jesus arising from the tomb after his crucifixion. We have hope fulfilled! 

It’s fine to do the bunnies, egg coloring and clothes. As long as we Parents give them the education of the cross. This will last them an eternity versus a few minutes of a melting chocolate bunny! Ok, ok….I’ll let the bunny alone!!

I pray your day was reflective one., Sister Handmaidens. As Always, you are loved.


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