February is the month of love. So, they say. Actually it is practiced daily by many Christians and Non-Christians. Our minds are force fed so much negativity, me-me-me & buy this-buy that we forget about love. Love in the context of caring for others.

If we seek to serve others, then that service will return back to us. What you give is what you will receive. I have recently purchased items from new WOC owned companies that I never thought I’d do. With age comes hair issues, skin issues. I chose to address them for myself through these select companies. I was not disappointed. What I got was the labor of love from their hands and minds. Their brainchild! It was a product of love. Their love to me. I remain honored by reaching out to these beautiful Women. I have been educated by them in the process of giving love, serving love and receiving love. My experience was more than getting a new product. It was the work of their hands and mind that transcended anything that I could imagine.

With these new products in hand, I could establish a quiet time of self love. In turn, my me time has enabled me to be a much better Mother to my Daughter. Not to leave out being a much better compassionate, attentive and loving Caregiving Daughter to my Mother. By the way, I also share these products with Momma. She said she feels like she is at the spa! Now, thats love.

So, this month Handmaidens I admonish you to receive that gift of love from someone. Use it to uplift your spirits and pass it onto another. Build yourself a village so that circle of love continues through you. Be the source. Be the middle. But, never be the end of love. For, as the heavens above and the ground beneath, there is never an end to love.

Remain Blessed, Sister Handmaidens

XOXO, Alicia

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