Now you know it is a shame to discuss, as well as hurtful, the family infighting is what I am referring to. Especially if it is YOUR family. You see the painfulness that they are doing to each other from their youth. It is worse than sibling rivalry. It’s not natural. Well, the cruxt of the story is that one isn’t fair.

Mine is no different. My sister that is two years older than I am would taunt me as a child. I had a phobia about ‘holes’. It came from reading the Britannica Enclopedia and seeing some type of reptile that carried its young on its back. To a 4 year old, it looked like holes in the back of the Mother reptile. Well, I would squirm and scratch myself down to the white meat. She would laugh maniacally while continuing to repeat the word ‘holes’. Not only that, I had to go with her wherever she went. You know, I was the tag-along. My sister made sure I paid for it. Once, she went to see a boy. They left me in the front room while they went into the bedroom. I was only 7. When they finished, we left and she warned me, “You better not tell Momma.” There are many occasions like that for me growing up.

We’re now all in our 60’s, Praise God. The abuse from my sister continues. Recently, I text her what really hurt me most that she did. Not once, but twice she blocked my attending College. First, she told our Mom that ‘I needed to stay at home and help Mom with these kids’. (The Grandchildren) Then, after I was settled into a College in our hometown, she comes through and tells Mom she’s dropping off her daughter. I had to leave the dorm and move back home. I didn’t finish my 1st semester. No regard for me at all. So, our oldest Sister told me I needed to ask for forgiveness after I told her what she’s done to me. I did. It didn’t sit right with me. Why am I apologizing for what she did to me?

Now, I am caring for Momma on my own. Let’s not disregard God’s glorious hand over me. All, I asked for 5 years now was that they call they Momma to keep her spirits up. Not that 1 sister. She’s told me, “I do not answer to you. I’ll call when I get good and ready.”

Another time, I was given the opportunity to speak to a Church in Kansas City. I asked her, since she was always in town, but never came by to see Momma. Her answer was this in a text: “No. Because, it would benefit you.” Pure evil??

It’s tragic. I miss doing her makeup, going thru my closet and giving her things. Like Momma said “I just want it like it used to be.”

You are loved, Sister Handmaidens.



  1. Never having a sister to grow up with.. I can not relate. When my mom remarried I gained a sister and a brother..ten years older than me. I enjoyed that late come sisterhood but the years in age apart and her moving away after just a few years of knowing her put distance in many ways. I was raised with three brothers being the only girl much different although we had our sibling fights. My youngest 5 years is closest to me. The middle son and I fought all the time..being one year apart.. My oldest I’ve taken care of the last 15 years but am losing Kevin to civic. Hospice is with him now. Although I get a daily call and them being states away I’ve gotten little help. So I relate to caring for someone on my own. Thank God I have a great husband or I couldn’t of done it. You are in your sixties. Leave them alone. They will carry the guilt you don’t have as you are the blessing to mama. Mama is forgetting so much..soon she will forget them and they will have to live on knowing this. Just be distant from them for your own piece of mind and heart.


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