This Is Today

We have been through just a touch of mans pride, disregard for humanity and lack of honor. It was tragic. The entire world has been impacted by a virus, marches on behalf of humanity, corruption disclosed among the powers that be. It’s scary.

We lost out little brother. He was found on Moms 98th birthday. Emotions were running high. We scrambled like and enemy attack on an ant hill. This wasn’t just my family. Multiplied by several million. Remember, this is Global. The United Nations and NATO were left dumbfounded. The CDC, my heart goes out to them. We have never thought of anything like this. There were a few warnings about a Global Virus. I’m eluding to Obamas 2014. Why didn’t they heed Him? Now, look. Trump had access to the Book of Secrets or known as the Presidents Black Book. That’s frightening to know.

A year later, we now have a new President, Vice-President and other new Government Heads. They have delivered relief to many millions home and seeking abroad. Our future isn’t clear to anyone. The Global experts speak with a cloud over their eyes. They don’t know any more than I do. But, this is what happens when we put out trust in man. Man is fallible. He has just proven it.

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We need a hope and a prayer. Momma would walk through the house repeating, “LORD, lift me up. Help me to understand.” This is a time that we a grateful for having a Praying Mother. If you are a Mother, start being a Praying Mother. It’s never too early, or too late.

We need a foundation that won’t shift in the midnight hour during our slumber. God offers that foundation. Accept His Son, Jesus as your Savior. I speak to Him often. Have a good day, family.



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