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Love is the principle thing.

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” 1JN 4:16 (partial)

Love is the building blocks for our lives. Without it I wouldn’t be able to forgive. Nor, you. It is painful. Yes. It is a necessity for our wellbeing and for our soul salvation.

Love demonstrates a level of humanity that is quickly fading from sight. To the world, love has a price tag and strings attached. In Christ Jesus, we are renewed in His image-LOVE. I watch my Mother, now graced with years, in times of my frustration she remains so loving. I feel like a heel for my impatience with her. Oh, how many times have I cried out to God for forgiveness and asked Mommma for hers, as well. That is love.

That box of chocolates will give you a stomach ache. Been there, too! Those expensive flowers die all too soon. The little black dress, I can no longer fit into. Besides, there is no one to take me to a dinner that we cannot afford. Gestures are fine. But, will the sentiment be the same on Feb. 15th? Feb 22nd?

The Love of God is 24/7…365. Try His love. He won’t fail you my Sister Handmaidens.





New year. What are we going to do with it? I don’t make resolutions, personally. I try not to make plans. I make goals to achieve. I have taught my daughter the same. 

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One current goal, is to finish my manuscript entitled “Credo di Handmaidenslamp”. It’s a challange as I am my Mother’s caregiver. My daughter will be graduating this June. So, there are many things that can happen, yea or nay, to this process. 

We must all make goals, plans or what have you. What about your personal Spiritual goals? I admonish you to make them, stick to them the very best you can. Your growth will be the product of making them! Can’t you see God smiling on you when you, we make them and thru prayer achieve them? I can. You see, God has plans and goals for us individually and collectively as His Body. Don’t compare your growth to someone else’s. It will only discourage you. God knows our growth rate and He honors our diligent efforts. 

I absolutely love the analogy of a horse with blind bridles on. He can’t look to the left or to the right. He just sees what’s ahead of him and he goes. I think that should be us as we study to grow in all things of God. Of course, asking our Pastors, Bible Study Teachers is included in the equation! No question is too small for God or His leaders. Ask and you shall receive. So, as we venture into 2019, assert your Spiritual Goals for the Kingdom and your good. Then watch the overflow of rain upon you & your house.

God Bless you my Sister Handmaidens. Let’s take 2019 for the Kingdom!👑



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The cold holidays are upon us, family! Remember, as you keep yourself & family warm, please check in on someone who is in need.

It is during these days, that we forget about our own self-care or those who stand in need. It’s all about that gift to give. I made the mistake of going into a brick and mortar store a number of days before Thanksgiving. I was very quickly reminded exactly why I don’t venture out this time of year! I sound like the Grinch and Scrooge. I encourage you, I’m not…yet!

As Handmaidens, we are notorious for hospitality, family & others. Sisters, please practice self-care during this season. We are needed by many, our resources are few, but, our God holds everything within His hands. For whatever we must do, He will open the windows of Heaven and supply just what we need to uplift another.

Enjoy the Season, Sister Handmaidens!

Alicia G. Gilliam,



I’ve been away for a while. Many of you know that I am my Mothers Caregiver. That takes priority! I am thankful for your under-standing. We passed a very scary patch. But, God is able, isn’t He?

Here we are in the month of July! I am hoping that even through all of the hot weather across the country, you have been able to enjoy some outdoor theatre, festivals, food markets and fairs. I know many of my followers have taken family vacations. I thank you for sharing your photos on the various sites. 

I’ve been more than busy! Keeping my Daughter occupied with her 5 novels she chose to read this summer. She has read 2….3 to go! I’m proud of her. She’s been an avid reader since 1st grade. As well as reading, she wants to learn to sew. No, problem! We’ve got that covered as well. She chose her very first pattern!

I announced today on my Facebook page, GIFTED AUTHOR, that I am now an Author under HarperCollins Christian Publishing new division Elm Hill Books. I had been sitting on this news until after my Mothers’ health had stabilized. So, to the many of you that have been awaiting another novel from me, it’s on the way! I’m excited as any writer would be. We sometimes struggle finding that perfect fit for our work. Again, God opened the door and through it I walked. I am so grateful and humbled. Our time is not Gods time. Patience. That time of being still. Humbly praying in faith. Then….BAM! God has done it again! He’s so faithful. If we demonstrate heartfelt faith in what He has done in our past & present, His answers to our future are always YES & AMEN!

I want you to concentrate on that promise for your life and the lives of your loved ones. Always, Yes & Amen! So, my dearest Sister Handmaidens, I pray that you be kissed by the Dew of Heaven. Your lauder be overflowing with Gods bounty and your smile at another warms their heart with the Hand of God, Himself.

Know that you are deeply loved and highly favored, my Sister Handmaidens.


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June is almost gone. The children are out of school for the summer. Graduates have crossed the stages for their diplomas. Time has flown by. How have we spent it? What have we accomplished for ourselves? Our mental health, spiritual health and  physical health?

This is my focus for the remainder of the month. Ourselves. No! Don’t think yourself selfish for thinking this way. Remember, without you there would be no them. So, take that nap. Take that extra time in the tub soaking. Take smaller sips of your tea or coffee. This is your time.

Then enter into your quiet place and spend time with God. It is through our conversations with Him that we find peace and resolutions to our dilemmas of life. I was told by someone that they had read the Bible all the way through once and they didn’t need to re-read it. Ummm…..that’s not true. We always need to read the word of God. Yesterdays answers don’t apply to todays problems! Our continued growth in His word is what keeps us and sustains us. Never stop growing and learning in all things of God, Sister Handmaidens!

Know that you are loved and highly favored, dearest Handmaidens!


pexels-photo-459301.jpeg April brings showers which wash away the dust and grime of winter. Not always the case. As I write this, we have snow flakes! So, just know that the rains are coming!

We can depend on the change of the seasons. God made the stars, sun and moon for the telling of them. It’s God’s provision that is so awesome! Just when we think it is going to remain dark, out comes the sun at the break of dawn.

He is always faithful. Always ready to listen. Always ready to defend. Always ready to heal. God is our everything! As April continues on, think daily how God has blessed you, look around and watch nature change into its time of beauty.

Never forget, God has you in mind for His purpose. At that time, you will be more beautiful than now. Whatever petitions you have placed before Him, know too that at that time you will be equipt, arryed in His beauty to accmplish it for His glory and your good.

Yes, April showers bring May flowers!

Be blessed my Sister Handmaidens and know you are loved.



We’ve been some busy bees here at the Lamp. Many upcoming events, changes and things to look forward to. I’m excited. However, things for me may not move within the time frame I desire. I know and am faithful in God’s timing.

Never, move past your season. Our time isn’t God’s time. Many times we are looking to someone else’s progress and get frustrated at our own. We question ourselves, “Why aren’t I at that stage?”

Where we are at this time is just where God wants uys to be. He is molding us into who we need to be for our next level. Why? He knows just what we can handle at what time. Trust His process for our lives. Enjoy the luxury of being handcrafted by the Master of master craftsmen. Why worship the sun when you can worship the Creator of the sun!

We get angered by the pain of others looking down on us as if we are not good enough to be in their presence. The test is how we respond to this pain of rejection. I failed many times! Finally, I got it. Into pray I went. Asking for the removal of the pain and for His great mercy to dwell in me so I could forgive them. Peace had come. I was able to pass GO onto my next season.

We are created in God’s image. Not the image that someone thinks we should be or portray. We will never measure up to what man thinks. God’s opinion is the only one that matters. Yes, it’s painful. It cuts our hearts deeply. The cruelty we endure attempting to explain ourselves to a person who is not going to see you the way our loving God will…is fruitless.

Prayer is the weapon we have against, for, through, under and over every obstacle and pain we are hit with. Don’t react before giving it to God first. Father God ALWAYS knows best.

Be blessed my Sister Handmaidens and know you are loved.


pexels-photo-717131.jpegWelcome to Handmaidenslamp. Here you will find my blog posts, beauty tips, Gods word for your inspiration, what has my mind occupied from the news and other cool things we ladies like!

I created this site as a respite for Women to find comfort from the harshness we often are faced with from family, friends and even our Church. It is my heartfelt desire that you find comfort in Gods word for you. Yes, He has a word for every situation and season we are in-whether it is a positive season or a negative season. Each season we are in gives us growth, for our good and His glory.

I pray that we grow together as we search Gods word, dive into what’s new in beauty, decorating our homes, what’s in the news and a song or two!

Thank you for being here my Sister Handmaidens and know you are loved.